Fancy Seeing You Around Here

So…it’s been 6 months since I posted on here last? (Actually, when I logged in I realized I had started a post in March and never got around to finishing it. Delete.)

Well, we had the holidays and then work got really busy for the first few months of 2017, and then I just…lost interest. I kind of felt like, what do I even have to post about? I snooze too late every morning, go to work, spend 8-ish hours there that are sometimes awesome, sometimes frustrating, and then go home. Maybe I’ll hit up a hot yoga class or spend some time outside. Maybe I’ll plop down on the couch and watch mindless TV for the next few hours. And then get ready for bed, read a chapter of a book, and hit the lights.

Occasionally, I would think about my poor little blog, and how I kind of missed posting on here, and my mom and boyfriend also missed it (or so they say ❤ ), but then…it seemed like so much work. I only really wanted to be on here because I enjoyed it, felt like I had something to SAY, and could provide some benefit to the people who read it. I still think I would like that.

I mean, I’m never going to be one of those bloggers who strikes gold and quits her job and just does this for a living. But those people often become incredibly unrelatable and boring. So I already know I’m not going to be posting on here 3 times a week. Hell, I may not post on here 3 times a month. But my aim is to stop in here occasionally and tell you what’s been going on in lovely southern Indiana.

If you’d like that, I hope you stop by sometimes. I’ll try to post lots of photos of Dora and Cooper, because I know that’s what people mostly want to see. Thanks for checking back in. ❤


Ten bucks says I won’t post on here again before June. 😉



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