Playing Catch-Up

Do you ever have those weeks that go by so fast because you have a million fun things going on? And then there are those weeks that go by equally as fast, but nothing eventful is really happening. That’s how I’ve felt lately. Somehow it’s already the end of August, but I feel like I have nothing to show for it. Here’s what I’ve been up to:


Sharpening my card shark skills for ladies’ card night (ie, relearning how to play Euchre).

Reading the first 2 books in the Brooklyn Girls series—I picked the first one up on my trip to Chicago to read on the train and fell in love. I started the second one this week and I’m very pleased. Perfect summer reading.


Visiting Holiday World with my family and having their infamous blue ice cream. I hadn’t been since college and it was amazing. Free drinks! Free sunscreen! An indoor ride where you can pretend to shoot turkeys! What more can you want?

Listening to BJ Novak’s book on my iPhone. This is the first audiobook I’ve purchased. Also, I own the hard copy and have already read it. Let me explain: In the few days leading up to Holiday World, I kept having dreams with BJ Novak in them. On the morning of our trip, I had another and decided he must be my soulmate—I should download his book and listen to it in the car. 20-something-dollars later, I actually don’t regret it. It’s a really good listen.


Hanging out at Bluegrass in the Park. Guys, this is the event I look forward to every summer. Per tradition, I went Friday and Saturday nights, got BBQ and RC, and listened to some amazing music. I’m already looking forward to next year.

Running a lot on the treadmill. Which I don’t hate. Especially because it is 90-some-odd degrees and miserable.

Also, visiting the occasional hot yoga class. It’s amazing how humbling those studios can be.


And having a lot of evenings that look like this—pizza, yoga pants, and Scandal on Netflix. This is my idea of perfect.

So what have you been up to lately? Also, let me know how the heck August is almost over already. Happy Thursday!


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