Tuesday Things

Happy Tuesday, all! You know all those Friday Favorites posts everyone does? I love those, so I thought it would be fun to do one…today. Here it goes.


Super beautiful days when running feels like it is something I was meant to do. Especially in comparison to yesterday, when running (even though it was beautiful) felt like a chore. Some days, every step is agony.

This song for working out (<– go ahead and skip if you don’t like bad words) and this song for hanging out (profanity-free!).


Red grapes and egg burritos. I cannot get enough grapes this summer.

My roommates and I watched this documentary on Sunday night, and it was so good! Have you seen it? Also, if you haven’t heard of/read The Happiness Project, I highly recommend it.


This stray cat that has moved in our yard. I’m not a cat person, but I can’t help but love him. My roommate named him Oliver.

This bedtime yoga routine. I love anything Adriene does.


And I can’t have a post that doesn’t include Dora, especially since I already mentioned another animal! This was at the sunflower fields, before we found a tick on her and later found one in my hair, when I momentarily loved nature.

What things are you guys digging lately? Let me know any recommendations, and have a lovely Tuesday. 🙂


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