Lazy Sunday

Sunday morning is my favorite time of the week—I hope the rest of the world agrees with me. The weird thing is that I usually don’t see too much of Sunday morning. In my dream world, I would rise on Sunday at 7am, go for a run, make breakfast, and catch CBS Sunday Morning. But lately it’s been more like, sleep in till 10am, grab some iced coffee, fool around on the internet, etc. Which is exactly what this morning has been.


(Egg sandwich, iced coffee, computer, phone. All the essentials.)

The rest of the weekend has also been remarkably lazy/awesome. For the 4th of July, my roommates and I hung out outside by the baby pool…


…and hula hooping and playing badminton.



It was a pretty chill day, until the mosquitoes attacked.

Other things I’ve been loving this weekend:

Watching The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (such a beautiful movie with a great soundtrack).

Testing out new running shoes.


The Brooks Glycerin 11. I have one small blister from yesterday, but otherwise, they were great!

Spending a Saturday night outlining a trip to England that I’m planning to take with friends next year. (Is anyone else as much of a sucker for packing lists as I am? I’m obsessed with this one right now.)

And this Thought Catalog article. I want to send it to everyone I know that’s my age and see if they think every. single. thing. on this list hits home.

What have you been up to this weekend? I hope you can take some time off to relax today. Happy Sunday!


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