Thinking About Blogging Again

I’m back from the grave you guys. In all seriousness, I just finished my first semester of school this week. I knew going back to school would be a big adjustment, but I had no idea how it would take over my life and leave me a shell of a human being.

But really. So what have I been up to?

1. Studying. So much studying.

2. Working crazy hours at my job. Because OF COURSE it would ramp up as I was starting to take classes.

3. Stress eating and being lazy. Ironically I’m studying nutrition—I’ve been doing a lot of self-check, let’s-look-at-your-life-choices thinking lately.

4. But I have been doing a lot of yoga—I particularly love this channel and this channel on YouTube.

5. Staying home. I joked to my roommates tonight that I feel like an unsocialized child or pet. But I was a little bit serious.

So anyway, I’ve been thinking about blogging lately. Initially I kind of thought I should throw in the towel—I’m never going to be one of those perfect blogger girls that cooks a healthy breakfast every morning and gets major companies to sponsor her life dreams. But on the other hand, I sort of love it. My life might be kind of haphazard and a little boring, but I like having a place to write and plan and document things. (Plus, my mom has been asking about it. 🙂 )



5 thoughts on “Thinking About Blogging Again

  1. Yes, come back! It’s a good thing if your blog never blows up with corporate sponsors because then you’ll probably never end up on GOMI. Haha, in all seriousness, bloggers with busy lives are the most interesting. Signed, a fellow unsocialized puppy.

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