Fridays Aren’t Supposed To Be Like This



Usually on Friday mornings I’m happy and excited for the weekend. Today, however, is not the case. I didn’t get to bed until late last night and am still feeling groggy this morning. Plus, it’s still pretty early and today has already been a disaster:

-Our shower broke (right on the heels of our washing machine being broke for 3 weeks)

-I spilled coffee everywhere

-I can taste the filter in the coffee, so I’m kind of sad I went through the effort of saving the coffee in the first place

-Forgot my breakfast/lunch/snacks/food for the day when I left this morning

-Annnnnd I’m generally grouchy with everyone and everything

I’m going to see this movie tonight with friends and will be listening to this song a lot today to cheer myself up. Other than that, I have doing laundry and studying to look forward to for the next few days. (And maybe some Super Bowl pizza!) Hope your weekend is off to a better start than mine. 🙂


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