Top 5 For Friday: Asheville Recap

Hello and happy Friday! I got back from vacation almost exactly one week ago—down to the minute! I’ve taken the past week to slowly get back in the groove of normal life. I mean, it’s always best to ease in, right? Since it’s Friday and I’ve tried to do these Top 5 For Friday posts, I thought I’d do one today to recap Asheville. (Truth: I hate vacation recaps. BUT. We had a lot of fun last week and I’d like to share a few photos with you, if you don’t mind.)

photo 1

1. Visiting an apple orchard (cross that off the bucket list).

First thing Monday morning, we headed to Grandad’s Apples. This was the most charming little place—tons of apple varieties I had never heard of, a petting zoo, and fresh-baked apple cider 3

They were still warm. Yes please. Also, it was completely quiet and beautiful.

photo 2

We had the place to ourselves, and it was the perfect start to our week.

photo 1

2. Touring Carl Sandburg’s house. This is the kind of nerdy thing that 2 former English majors do on vacation. Also, Mrs. Sandburg was a champion goat herder?

photo 2

These are the goats they have on the property now, which didn’t belong to the family. The got replacement goats after the property was donated to the state.

photo 5

3. Using our brains to navigate the city. I haven’t read a map in…ever, maybe. I’m so used to a computer telling me where to go and what to do that I honest to God thought I couldn’t use a map to find my way. Fortunately, Kristyn is smart and figured it out so we could catch these beautiful views on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

photo 1-1

photo 3

photo 4

photo 2-1

OK, yeah…iPhones don’t really do nature justice. Even though it was a rainy, gray day, the colors were amazing, and there were lots and lots of places to pull over and take pictures.


4. Checking out of that hostel and getting a hotel room. Our original plan was to stay in the girls’ dorm at a hostel all week, but after some mysterious and worrying bug bites, we checked out and found an affordable hotel room. The first thing we did? Order Pizza Hut pizza and pick up PBR from a gas station. Then we may have laid in our beds watching cable TV for an entire evening. What is vacation for, if not to indulge?

photo 1-2

5. Downtown Asheville miscellaneous. We hung out at the Thirsty Monk, went on the haunted comedy tour, shopped a whole bunch, and ate at some great restaurants.

photo 2-2

(Obligatory pre-bus tour selfie.)

photo 3-1

(At the Thirsty Monk; stolen from Kristyn.)

All in all, Asheville was pretty cool. It had a really fun balance of outdoorsy-dirty-hippie and big-city-stuff-to-do feel, which is the best of both worlds. But in the end, I learned that Indiana has my heart, always. And of course, it was great to see this little bug when I got back.


(With a donut from Three Dog Bakery!)

Hope you have a great weekend!



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