Zombies & More Zombies

Good evening everyone! I hope you had a happy Thursday—mine was way better than the last couple of days. After yesterday’s festivities, I knew I needed to get to the gym ASAP, so I headed there straight after work.


I did 40 minutes on the treadmill using my Zombies, Run! app. After eating greasy food plus a big spaghetti lunch today at my dad’s shop, running was a little…rough. OK, I may have felt like I needed to vom as soon as I was done. Luckily, that feeling passed pretty quickly and all is well now. 🙂

Speaking of zombies, who else is pumped for The Walking Dead season 4 premier on Sunday? My friend Megan and I are rewatching the last half of season 3 in preparation for it.



We have 7 episodes to squeeze in before Sunday night, but don’t worry—we’ve mapped out a plan in order to get them all in. I forgot how intense season 3 gets! My biggest hope is that they deal with The Governor first thing in season 4. On that note, I need to get back to Netflix. Have a great evening!



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