Retail Therapy

Good evening everyone! So it’s been one of those days.

Actually, it started last night around 11:30. I had gone to bed at 10, read for a bit, and turned my light off. I was on the verge of drifting off to sleep, when someone decided to start nesting in my covers.


Guilty. She obviously does this a lot. I tried to ignore Dora and fall asleep, but I was wide awake. I laid in bed, pretending to be asleep, until about midnight. At which point I decided to not fight it, turned my light on, and read for another hour. Around 1am I figured I should reset my alarm, since a 5:30am trip to the gym was not gonna happen.

Sometime after 1 I fell asleep, but I ended up sleeping through my alarm and going in to work an hour late. All day I was grumpy and tired, and it didn’t help that most of my coworkers seemed to feel the same way. When I don’t get enough rest, I get reeeeeeally emotional and lose all capacity to handle any sort of stress.

Tonight I actually had plans to play tennis with some of my friends, but I bailed in favor of…shopping.

Does anyone else feel the strong desire to spend money when they’re tired? It can’t be just me.

After work and a quick dinner, I headed to TJ Maxx to browse around. Not a lot was calling out to me, but I did manage to find one of my fall to-do list items: this super soft and comfy gray hoodie:

photo 1

I don’t love that it has “Levi’s” blasted across the front of it, but it was $25 and so incredibly comfortable that I couldn’t pass it up. I have a feeling it will get a lot of wear this fall/winter/spring.

Other wish list items I’ve recently crossed off the list:

photo 2

I placed an order on Amazon last week (one of life’s greatest joys) for these 2 books and a CD, and they finally came in on Monday. Seriously, online shopping. There’s almost nothing like it (except when UPS can’t figure out which apartment is yours and refuses to leave the package—but that’s another story).

And now I’m collapsed on my couch, ready to catch up on New Girl and The Mindy Project. And going to bed early. The treadmill will be calling my name early tomorrow morning. Hope you’re having a great evening!



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