Fitness Lately

Hello everyone, and happy Monday! How were your weekends? My happy Saturday ended with margaritas at my favorite local restaurant,

photo 1

and Sunday was a lazy (read: awesome) day spent with family and friends. And the grocery store. My day today started off bright and early at the gym. I did 25 minutes on the elliptical to warm up, followed by a weights routine from Tina Reale’s Best Body Bootcamp.

photo 2

I haven’t posted about what I’m doing fitness-wise lately. A couple things:

1. Running. Running and I are back in love, thanks in large part to this app called Zombies, Run! that I found out about through Christine’s blog. (Waves hello!) I never was really into zombies until I started watching The Walking Dead, but it is so fun to pretend that I’m running for my life from walkers…instead of just staring at CNN on the treadmill.



2. Hot yoga. I scored an awesome Groupon for 10 classes at a hot yoga studio in town, and I’ve been trying to go once a week on Saturday. It’s been really nice to get my zen on plus a good stretch every week. I’ll be really sad when it runs out—I would love to practice yoga more regularly, but since our hot studio runs about $15 a class, it’s something I only treat myself to occasionally.

3. Best Body Bootcamp. I’ve done Tina’s workouts before, and they’re always really good. Plus, they change every 2 weeks, so even if there’s a workout I absolutely hate, I only have to get through it twice. I started using the workouts I had from one of her old boot camps last week, and my muscles have been crazy sore ever since. But in a good way.



Since I’m being so fitness-y right now, I thought I’d lay out my workout plans for the rest of the week.

Tuesday: Run + abs

Wednesday: Elliptical + weights

Thursday: Run + abs

Friday: Elliptical + weights

Saturday: Hot yoga

Sunday: Morning run with a friend 🙂

And that’s all I got for tonight. Hope you all have a great evening!




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