Happy Saturday.

Hello everyone and happy weekend! This weekend I’m especially excited because the only plans I have are to clean my apartment, and I got that done last night.

This morning my friend Brit met me at my apartment for a run around downtown. The weather was absolutely perfect—sunny and cool, and even though I got a side stitch during the first mile, I was able to push through and finish a little over 3 miles. Afterwards, we rewarded ourselves with some Starbucks.

photo 1

When I got home, my friend Elisabeth had texted me to see if I wanted to go shopping. Duh. We checked out a couple different stores, and I unexpectedly came across some black boots that actually fit my massive calves. (Does anyone else have this problem?)


So nice to check one item off my fall to-do list! Now I’m at home watching Bachelorette on  Netflix (really cute movie), enjoying my favorite snacks and the sunny weather.

photo 2

(English muffin with cream cheese + apple with almond butter and chocolate chips)

The rest of the day I plan to take it easy—go to the grocery store, take Dora on a walk, maybe venture out and go shopping again. Hope you are having a lovely weekend!


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