Nashville Vacation

We made it to Friday, everyone! The weekend here is supposed to be nice and cool, and I’m so looking forward to it. I’m definitely ready to usher in fall in all its glory.

So on Saturday, my friend Elisabeth and I headed to Nashville for a concert/relaxing day at her parents’ pool. Let me preface this by saying I looked up my vacation time this year, and prior to Monday (September 9), I had only taken one vacation day in 2013—in February. No wonder I was so burnt out.

We left in the early evening on Saturday and arrived in Nashville around 10pm—to fajitas and peanut butter pie, no less. And also this incredible guacamole with mango in it. I was already sleepy from the drive, but after feasting on all that, I headed straight to bed.

Sunday morning I slept in late, joined Elisabeth’s dad for coffee (everyone else was snoozing), and channel surfed for about an hour before everyone else got up. We had an incredible breakfast that consisted of smoothies:


(strawberry, banana, and mango) and scrambled eggs with cheese on top of half an everything bagel:


Judy the Beagle also joined us for our relaxing morning.


After breakfast we changed into our swimsuits and went out to the pool. Did I mention this is also the first time I’ve been swimming all summer? It makes me so sad to think of all the summer I wasted. photo

We had a great time swimming, laying out, reading, listening to music, and chatting. I never used to be the kind of girl who likes to lay by a pool for hours, but this was one of the most relaxing days I’ve had in a long time. I think I might even enjoy a beach vacation someday!

Elisabeth’s mom also made these incredible sandwiches for us: grilled peach, basil, and Brie. Perfect while reading about my boyfriend in Vogue magazine.


After several hours by the pool, we went inside to clean up for the concert. For dinner, we met some of Elisabeth’s friends at this incredible restaurant called The Pharmacy. I unfortunately didn’t take any pictures (it always makes me feel like such a nerd, especially around people I’ve just met), but trust me when I say the food was so good—I had the chicken BLT, and everyone else got a burger of some sort. Those looked awesome as well.

The concert we went to see was at the Ryman, which I’ve been to once before. It’s such a beautiful venue and it’s so nice to see one of my favorite bands in a place with so much history. The opening band was Frightened Rabbit, who I know a little bit. I have one of their albums from a few years ago, but I only knew a few songs they played. They sounded awesome and had those charming Scottish accents, so basically they can get away with murder.


Oh yeah—these are all horrible iPhone photos. I forgot to grab my camera, and we were seated under the balcony…so everything sort of looks like we’re in a cave.

Frightened Rabbit played a really good set, and after everything was reset (which didn’t take too terribly long), we were ready for the main event—The National!


They were so incredible live. They also played a really good mix of old and new stuff, which is something I’m always thankful for at shows. I purchased their new album earlier this summer, but I haven’t listened to it much since The National is more of a fall and winter band for me. The highlight of the show was definitely the encore—they played “Mr. November,” which is my favorite song by them, and the lead singer ran all the way to the back of the Ryman. We got to see him up close and personal twice! The other highlight of the show? It was over at like 10:30. Since we were driving home right after, I was thankful that we weren’t going to get home at like 3am. (That’s the old lady in me talking.)

And on Monday I had the day off, so I was able to do some more relaxing! I definitely felt more refreshed and motivated this week, and I’m sure this weekend had a lot to do with it. I’ll have to remember to actually use my vacation days in the future.

Hope you all have a happy Friday and a lovely weekend!





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