Two for Two

Hello and good evening! This week is shaping up to be a little crazy at work, but I wanted to pop in here for a bit while I have the chance.

So, exciting news—I’ve become a morning person for officially 2 days!


(It’s getting lighter later every day it seems like—and darker earlier—which makes me so sad. I mean, I AM excited for fall, but I don’t miss getting up in what seems like the middle of the night.)

Yesterday I got up at 5:30 and headed to the gym, where I did my trusty Master the Treadmill with OK Go workout.


I covered a little more distance than I usually do with this workout. I tried to push myself as much as I could, despite feeling super groggy.

When I got home I had enough time to take Dora for a walk around the neighborhood. Fortunately it was nice and cool yesterday morning. The last week has been absolutely miserable here.


Today I got up a little after 6 and did 2 Tone It Up Beach Babe 2 workouts. Here’s what I’m planning on for the rest of the week.

Sunday: Off

Monday: Run

Tuesday: Strength/Tone It Up

Wednesday: Run

Thursday: Strength/Tone It Up

Friday: Run

Saturday: Hot Yoga

I’m keeping everything pretty basic this week since I want to ease into this whole working-out-in-the-morning thing. I’ll try to spice it up next week. 🙂 Also, I’m REALLY hoping I didn’t just jinx myself—any time I publicly declare how excited I am about something, it’s sure to fall apart.

Hope you are having a great start to the week!




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