WIAW: Tuesday, August 20

Hello and happy WIAW! I haven’t done one of these in a while (and my computer battery is running low), so let’s jump right in.

Breakfast today was my usual protein pancake with a banana, plus some coffee with almond milk.


Note: My new coffee obsession is Dunkin’ Donuts coconut flavor. I just tried to find the link online and couldn’t, but if you see this in the store—pick. it. up.

I also ate lunch at my desk today while I caught up on blog reading. I know, eating at your desk is one of those unfortunate American habits. But I actually like doing this because it frees my lunch break up to do something fun. Or come home and let Dora out. 🙂


Today I had my favorite wrap (with baked sweet potato wedges, black beans, green peppers, and cheese) with an apple on the side. I swear, I eat an apple a day—I actually ran out of them early last week, so I was so excited to pick up some at the grocery on Saturday.

I forgot to get a picture of my afternoon snack, but it was my favorite Chobani coconut-almond-chocolate yogurt and baby carrots.

Now we get to the fun stuff! My company sponsored a fun golf scramble this afternoon, so my coworkers and I headed out to the golf course for some friendly competition.


I should mention that I have never swung a  golf club before, so I want to emphasize fun and friendly (for me). I am the least competitive and athletic person in the world, but thankfully, my team was supportive and gave me some great tips!


They were definitely more serious and skilled than me. But we actually ended up using 3 or 4 of my balls, and I won a $5 gift card to Target for “best first timer.” #baller

After the golf scramble, we headed down the road to a local pizza place for pizza and beer on the company.


I probably had a little tooooo much veggie pizza, but as they say, YOLO. (I’m sorry.)

After I got home, I was a sweaty, exhausted mess, so I unwound with a few chocolate chips and some episodes of Numbers on Netflix. Perfect ending to a fun day.

There you have it! Hope you all are having a great Wednesday!


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