What I Learned This Week

You guys, we made it to Friday. Does anyone else feel this has been an exceptionally long week?

Anyway, the weekend is upon us (in about 3 hours for me, at least), so I thought I’d share what I learned this week.


1. There are different types of dog toys. (Engaging toys?) At least you can learn new things while you’re spending your entire paycheck at Target.


2. Sunday morning I visited a local farmer’s market with friends (above), and this giant dog was there:


He was so sweet, and also so slobbery. (This counted as learning to me because I have never seen a mastiff in real life.)


3. Also on Sunday, our local library hosted a fun event called “Learn 100 Things in 1 Day.” There were model planes, beekeepers,


ghost hunters, Zumba, gun safety, weather,


and a woman from the local mosque wrote my name in Arabic.


Isn’t it pretty? She did a couple variations for me and my friends—apparently they write your name using the corresponding sounds in Arabic, so there are a lot of options for one name.

Also, I tried to learn how to fold a fitted sheet, but it may or may not have gotten taken away from me because I was such a disaster. (It did.)


4. I’m ready for fall in a major way. Wednesday night I walked to the riverfront with a friend, and it was chilly.


So chilly that I slept with my quilt on that night. In August!


Fall is the time I officially break out my favorite shoes, my moccasins, but I did get them out this week since it feels like fall. And see how pale my feet are? Yeah, it’s time to cover up for everyone’s sake.

I sort of feel like I didn’t properly enjoy this summer, so I have really high hopes for the fall.


5. It’s good to mix things up a bit. I’ve been in a salad rut lately for lunch, so this week I’ve been enjoying wraps—mainly like the one above, which is a whole wheat wrap, baked sweet potato, green pepper, black beans, and some melted cheese. Yum.

So that’s what I’ve learned/what I’ve been up to this week. I’ve got some fun things on the agenda for this weekend, so hopefully I won’t be a total dork and will remember to take at least some pictures. Have a great weekend everyone!


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