Sunday Morning

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope your weekends have been super lovely.

My Sunday got off to a super lazy start…as is becoming the trend here lately. :/ Sleeping in sure does feel good though!

As soon as I got up this morning, I poured myself a glass of iced coffee + almond milk in a mason jar.


Something about this perked me right up. OK sure, it COULD have been the caffeine, but I prefer to think it was the cute jar.

While I was sipping on coffee, I made myself my standard weekend breakfast: scrambled eggs with shredded cheese, plus some cinnamon raisin toast on the side.


This will never get old.

Today is set to be a busy and fun day: downtown Sunday market, a fun fair at the library, church, Sunday cook up, and probably some Netflix tonight.

Also, here’s a tentative fitness schedule for me for the week. I want to get this out publicly so I can hold myself to it. 🙂

Sunday: off

Monday: run

Tuesday: off/walking club at work

Wednesday: run

Thursday: strength (Beach Babe 2 DVD probably)

Friday: run

Saturday: hot yoga!

What’s on the agenda for your Sunday? Hope you all have a great day!



2 thoughts on “Sunday Morning

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