Mid-week Massage

Hey guys! So today…


I got a massage. It was actually part of my appointment with the chiropractor, and it was a nice little way to celebrate being halfway through the week.

I started going to the chiropractor in the spring, and I was seriously doubtful about how effective it would be. I had hurt my back running, and since I have a lot of back/joint problems, I decided to give it a shot. (My mom and a few friends had been going for years and swear by it.)

Now, four months later, I’m definitely a believer. Before I started going regularly, I could only sleep on my stomach—it hurt my hips too much to sleep on my side. Now, I can sleep on my sides just fine, and sometimes even my back (which my doc told me is the best way to sleep).

Since I’m now in maintenance with treatment, I’ve been going for an adjustment once a month and getting a massage every other month. Today’s massage was pretty painful—but now that it’s been a few hours, I feel a lot better. I was planning on going for a run after I got home (we had a crazy storm last night and it cooled everything down!), but I think I’m feeling a little too relaxed to do anything high-energy, so I might chill out with this yoga routine a little later.

Hope you all have a great evening!



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