Night In

Tuesday/Boosday did it again.

I started today off really well—got up this morning and did an hour of strength training using 3 different Tone It Up workouts (this one, plus 2 from the Beach Babe 2 DVD—the arms one is killer!), got ready, and arrived at work on time. Success!

Then…sometime in the mid-afternoon I was hit with the Boosday blahs.

I was tired, irritable, and stressed. I decided maybe tonight should be a night in. Last night, I was home too…but I have a hard time relaxing. Even when I have no plans, I usually end up going to the gym, cooking, cleaning, or working on something. I really don’t like to be still (my friends know this—vacation time for me always means “planned activities”).

So when I got off work at 5, I decided to turn my phone on silent and make a simple dinner.


(Sliced banana, almond butter, chocolate chips, and shredded coconut.)

And curl up on the couch with this movie.

I’m a total James Bond nut. Real talk: I saw this in the movie theater 3 times. I purchased the DVD as soon as it came out, but I haven’t watched it until tonight. Still just as good on my TV as it was at the movies.

I looked at the other DVDs I have on my shelf, and there were quite a few I haven’t watched in a while. I’m wondering if I should make movie night in a weekly thing and work my way through all of them?


I’m feeling better already. I’m probably off to bed soon (like an old woman)—I’m hoping to get a run in first thing tomorrow morning, so I have to prepare. 🙂 Hope you all are having a great night!


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