The Dollar Jar

I want to let you guys know about a little project my friend and I are starting.

On Monday, I came across this article on People: Chris Pratt Lays Off Beer and This Is the Result. I emailed it to my friend Brit because we both love Parks and Rec, and neither one of us could believe how good Andy Dwyer looks!

This got us talking (emailing) about how some people just cut out beer or soda or sugar and then look and feel amazing afterwards. And we thought, why don’t we just do that?

So I present to you, The Dollar Jar.


This little guy is currently sitting on my kitchen counter. Now, obviously Chris Pratt did a little more than stop drinking beer. But we thought this might be a fun way to motivate ourselves to cut out things we don’t want to consume anyway, plus eat cleaner and amp up our workouts.

So basically, we each made a list of things we want to cut back on (for me, diet soda, processed food, eating out). We are allowed 2 exceptions a day to start with. Anytime we go over that, we put a dollar in the jar. And after we’ve finished this experiment, we’re going to do something fun with the money (which hopefully will be something cheap because we’ll have been so on it the whole time).

I’m pretty excited about it so far—I’ll keep you updated on how it’s going (and how much money is in the jar). Has anyone else tried something like this to motivate yourself? I know a few people who have done DietBet, but I haven’t heard much about it. Any ideas are welcome. 🙂



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