Monday Blahs

Hello and happy Monday!

1. I had a really fun weekend that was full of grilling out, friends, and The Mindy Project.



Have you watched this? Since I ran out of new episodes of Parks and Rec to watch (sad face), I’ve been going through season 1 of The Mindy Project. So good and I seriously wish Mindy Kaling would adopt me as her little sister. Read her book if you haven’t yet.

2. I’m honestly feeling a little defeated today. I try not to make this blog a confessional, because a) I am an adult and b) this is not Xanga. But sometimes you just gotta be real. I’ve been in sort of a funk for a few weeks, feeling frustrated at myself for a number of reasons (I keep gaining and losing the same 4 pounds every week, I don’t feel like I’m giving enough attention to my dog, my skin is broken out like a teenager, etc. etc.), some of which are valid and some that are stupid. But. I’m going to be positive today and focus on moving forward, not staying in the same place.

3. I am probably the only person that doesn’t use Spotify on a regular basis. I guess I’m materialistic and like to physically own things. 🙂 But I had to restart my laptop this weekend and Spotify came up, so I poked around on there for a little bit and found this song, which I’m totally in love with right now. (And yes, I purchased it this morning.)

That’s it for now. How were your weekends? Hoping your Monday is off to a lovely start! 🙂


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