Books I’ve Been Reading: Angry Conversations with God

Confession: I love to read books, but for some reason, if a friend lends me a book, I probably won’t read it. I don’t really know why, but the more someone tells me I’ll love something, the more effort it takes me to actually read it (or watch it, or listen to it, etc. etc.). But a friend had recently read this book, Angry Conversations with God, thought it was good, and let me borrow it. And for whatever reason, I actually read it.



I read it in like a week.

The premise of this book (it’s a memoir, but the author, Susan E. Isaacs, states in the preface that she’s embellished or rearranged some events for literary purposes) is that a woman, Susan, takes God to marriage counseling. Really. And she finds a therapist who actually goes along with this idea.

The book is structured as a series of counseling sessions over several years. Each chapter is about a significant event in Susan’s relationship with God, starting as a child and extending through the present day, and at the end of each event, there’s a “transcript” of the counseling session between Susan, her therapist, and God (or sometimes Jesus).

This might sound far-fetched or too religious or just not your bag, and I get it. But for someone who has grown up in the church and had a sort of love/hate relationship with it at times, this book really resonated with me. Susan is an incredibly open, funny, and honest author, and I found myself thinking and praying about the things she was writing about long after I finished the book. If you grew up in church, are currently going through a rough time, or have ever just had a time where you loved Jesus but couldn’t reconcile Him with the modern church, I really encourage you to look this book up. If nothing else, it’s a quick and enjoyable read. 🙂


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