Guilty Pleasure Playlist

This is probably going to be a really shameful post.

Recently I got really sick of all my music, so I decided to make a playlist of guilty pleasures. I love all sorts of music, and I really don’t believe in guilty pleasures. (Thought Catalog posted a good article about this here.) I think you should just like what you like and be proud of it.

But these are the songs that I know if they came on at a party, my friends would give me the side-eye. Here you go!



Yes, I had to take 2 separate screenshots of this playlist. Right about now I’m thinking to myself, Why did I decide to post this on the internet?

However, I do want to point out that I am in no way ashamed of the Kid Cudi or Kanye songs. Those are always on party and running playlists. The rest of it…eh. There it is though. Happy Friday everyone! And go listen to your favorite awful music. 🙂



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