WIAW: Sunday, June 9

This may be the shortest WIAW post ever. Let me preface it by telling you 2 things.

1. The water in my kitchen has been turned off since Friday, so I haven’t been able to cook or wash dishes.

2. Weekends are weird. I usually sleep in later, so I end up eating at weird times.

Sunday morning I had plans to go to brunch with a friend at the Pie Pan. Brunch is probably my favorite meal…ever. And it’s always so hard to decide what to have! The biggest part of me wants pancakes or french toast, but I know an hour later I’ll be in a sugar coma and will totally regret it. So I decided to have a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich on a croissant with a fruit cup on the side.


Any sort of sandwich is exponentially better on a croissant. Fact.

After eating a big breakfast, I was full for pretty much the rest of the day. A couple friends and I hung out for the afternoon (and got rid of some mattresses by sneaking them to the dumpster at an apartment complex I used to live at). I went to church at 4, so by the time I got at (around 6), I was starting to feel hungry again. Solution?


Subway! A friend once told me that Subway is for people who love mediocrity. If that’s true, I’m 100% OK with myself. It’s cheap and delicious and close to my apartment.

I had a 6 inch veggie sub on wheat bread. With Baked Lays on the side and an oatmeal raisin cookie.



Sunday evening I continued with my Dexter marathon. Sometime during that, I ate a couple handfuls of chocolate chips.


And that was it for the day. I’m not super proud of what I ate this day, but I’m just trying to be honest with you guys. And this was maybe the first time I’ve remembered to take photos of everything I ate in a day. Success!


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