WIAW: Tuesday, June 4

Happy Wednesday everybody! For once, I actually remembered to take photos of (most of) what I ate. That afternoon snack always gets me! So here are my eats for Tuesday, June 4 (also, how the heck is it June?!).



(Do you love my sloth feet wallpaper? It’s actually a photo of a baby sloth, I promise.) A Tone It Up protein pancake with a sliced banana on top. And an iced latte on the side. Protein pancakes are by far my favorite breakfast for work. I make a batch on Sunday night and stick ’em in the freezer, then just pop one in the microwave at the office for about 30 seconds and voila! Super-filling, delicious breakfast.

Mid-morning snack:


A red delicious apple with a piece of string cheese. Apples and cheese are one of my favorite food pairings.



All these desk food pictures are so sad! I wish I could get it together and eat at least breakfast at home each day, but I’m lucky just to make it to work on time and with dry hair and makeup on. Anyway, lunch today was a salad with quinoa, salsa, green peppers, black olives, greens, and a little shredded cheese on top. Quinoa is my new lunch secret weapon. It’s so easy to make a batch on Sunday night to use throughout the week, and it’s SO filling.

Afternoon snack: This is where I failed to take a picture. But I had some baby carrots and a piece of Fitnessista’s protein fudge. This stuff is so good! The only thing is that I modified her recipe just a bit, and mine is super crumbly (I’m thinking because I substituted almond flour?) so I have to keep it in the freezer. Well, it had thawed some at my desk, and I had a huge protein fudge mess all over my desk and floor. 😦


After work I came home and completed the above Tone It Up workout. I don’t have a jump rope, so I just pretended like a huge dork. It was insanely hard and I was a sweaty mess afterward!



I just had a few minutes afterward, so I ate some granola with almond milk and a sliced banana for dinner (one of my favorite dinners ever…or anytime meals). After that, I headed over to a friend’s house to hang out for a couple hours.

When I got home, I had a couple tablespoons of chocolate chips for a snack.


The best.

That’s it for the day! First WIAW post in awhile. I’ll try to remember to take photos on a day when I’m eating more interesting things for next week. Hope you’re having a great day!


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