Things of Late

1. Tone It Up. Remember a few weeks ago when I was looking for a new workout plan to follow? I toyed with the idea of following Tone It Up’s Bikini Series, but decided against it. Well, a couple weeks past and I was still struggling for motivation, so I decided to give the TIU series a shot. Each Sunday Karena and Katrina post a weekly plan of workouts, and last week I decided to try it out. Oh my goodness, you guys. For some reason, this totally lit a fire under my rear, and I worked out every. single. day. (I can’t even tell you the last time this happened.) Needless to say, I’m following it again this week. It feels good to be excited about exercise again!

2. Iced coffee.


I have a confession: I love Diet Coke. So much. Like 4 Diet Cokes a day so much. My friends have recently convinced me of how crazy (and bad for you) this actually is, so I’m making an effort to cut back and gradually wean myself off it. So in the mornings now? I’m all about iced coffee.

3. Clean eats.


While we’re on the subject of food, let me declare that June is a month of detox for me. Like, no eating out (unless it’s a special occasion). And cooking more. And coming up with new ideas for lunches. I bring my lunch to work nearly every day, and I don’t get tired of eating the same things most of the time. Until a couple weeks ago. I’d pack my lunch, and then decide running out and picking up a sandwich sounded way better.

So my solution is to cook more and come up with some new lunch ideas (and any you have would be greatly appreciated!). The above sad salad (it’s not really sad, but any photos of food at a desk inevitably look depressing) is quinoa, spinach, black olives, and feta. So good I don’t even need to drown it in dressing.

4. The new Star Trek was incredible, right?


That’s all there is to say about that.




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