Week in Review

Hello there and happy Monday! Here are a few things that have been going on…


New bike! I got this beauty on Wednesday last week and I am so stoked for summer. Unfortunately, I’ve only been on one bike ride since I got it (no thanks to you, Rainy Spring Weather). Crossing my fingers that this weekend will be sunny and nice.


Brunch. One of life’s greatest treasures. On Saturday morning, some of my friends and I met up at Greek’s Pizzeria for breakfast pizza and mimosas. It was killer.


Alarm clocks. Still not my favorite, but I’m getting better. If you were wondering, I decided to start doing a round of Tina Reale’s Best Body Bootcamp, and my goal every day is to get my workout in before I go to work. (Read: Get up before 6am.) The first week, I made it 3 days. The second week, I made it 4 days. I already know I’m not getting 5 days in this week because I snoozed this morning, but I’m aiming for morning workouts the rest of the week. Wish me luck. 🙂


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