Workout Inspiration

It’s springtime, which for a lot of people, is a time to start fresh. Lately I’ve been focused on cleaning and decorating my apartment, purging my closet…and I need to revamp my fitness routine. Springtime also means summer is coming, which brings one thing to mind—bathing suits. Yikes.

For the last couple months, my workouts have been unorganized and lackluster. I am at my best when I formulate a plan, but I just haven’t found one I can stick with lately.


I’ve basically tried to alternate some sort of strength routine (usually a DVD I can do at home) with running, and then have one rest day. This plan would work well if I actually followed through with it, but that’s really my problem—I haven’t been.

Since I’m focusing on goals this spring, I think following some sort of planned regimen (from a source outside myself) is best. Here are two that I’m considering.

Best Body Bootcamp

This is an 8-week program put together by Tina Reale, and the workouts are mostly circuit- or interval-based. You have to pay to be a part of the program, but luckily, I’ve paid for 2 rounds (that I didn’t finish completely). I’ve been thinking about going back to this because I really did love the routines she put together, and even if there was one I hated, I only had to do it once or twice.

Tone It Up Bikini Series

This is another 8-week program by the Tone It Up girls, who I totally love. Their site is super encouraging and they really make themselves available to the community they’ve built. They also put together killer workouts that are actually fun.

What do you think? Has anyone been through either of these programs? Any advice on getting a new routine together when your motivation is lacking?


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