WIAW: The Week of Self-Indulgence is Over

A couple of the blogs I follow do this thing called What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW), and I’m joining the party. Confession: The main reason for doing this is because all healthy habits I maintain during the week go to hell over the weekend, so I’m deciding to document my eats for at least one day over the weekend.

So this is my food diary from Sunday, April 21. Let me preface this by saying the week before was marked by self-indulgence and stress. I didn’t exercise once, and most days I snacked nonstop and ate whatever I wanted. When I went to bed on Saturday night, I was determined to have a fresh start the next day.

And, for the most part, I was successful! Sunday morning I got up and did level 1 of Jillian Michaels’ Yoga Meltdown, followed by a breakfast of juice and an egg sandwich: whole wheat English muffin, 2 eggs, and a little strawberry jam.



And then, I was still a little hungry so I sliced an apple up with some peanut butter and chocolate chips to eat while I watched Parks and Recreation.


After this, I started a marathon spring cleaning session (my apartment was…gross).

I cleaned for a couple hours and then headed to the hospital to visit my grandpa for his birthday. So lunch was cake and ice cream.


We had a really great time visiting Pa, and my sister and her boyfriend and daughter were able to come up too. I haven’t seen them since Christmas, so it was a nice surprise. After visiting for a couple hours, Pa was starting to snooze on us, so I headed out to run some errands and pick up a salad from Ritzy’s for dinner.


This is my favorite fast food salad. I have it maybe once a week (hence, the reason for this post).

And that was it! So there’s my first of hopefully many (at least several) What I Ate Wednesday posts. We’ll see how next weekend goes!


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